Celebrating 171st anniversary of CMM in Timor-Leste

171 years old… and yet still young!  

“We must maintain our congregation in order to give testimony about Christ in this world.” (Br. Silvino Freitas Belo, Regional Superior CMM region Timor Leste).

On August 25, 2015, the Brothers CMM celebrated the 171st anniversary of their Congregation. We received from Carlito Sousa, Ambassador of the WWB in our Region Timor-Leste, a short report and some pictures of how this region commemorated this 171st anniversary of the  presence of the Brothers CMM in the world.

The day started with a Eucharistic Celebration presided over by Father Hermenegildo Dato OFM, in the chapel of the Brothers CMM in Becora, Dili, Timor-Leste. The local Ambassadors of the Worldwide Brotherhood enhanced with their beautiful voices the liturgy in this Mass. There was great participation from the communities of Brothers CMM in Timor-Leste, the sisters of Akadiruhun, youths from the Ambassadors WWB of Timor-Leste and some youth representatives of the college of the Sisters PRR nuns in Culuhun.

The Regional Superior of the Brothers CMM of Timor-Leste, Brother Silvino Freitas Belo, said in his speech that “the Congregation of the Brothers CMM has been there for a long time, and if we would compare this to a person, we would say that she would be old. But we wish to remain strong in order to continue giving our testimony about Christ in this world.” Our Congregation might be ‘old’, but it still attracts young people. Brother Belo invited the group of the Ambassador of the WWB Timor-Leste to stay faithfully alive “by collaborating with the brothers and implementing their activities in the CMM communities of Timor-Leste.” And the future hope of our Congregation was also visible in the fact that this Eucharistic Celebration was also dedicated to three new postulants, who just joined the Brothers CMM in Becora.

The feast ended with a shared dinner and some musical performances by the Ambassadors of the WWB and the Brothers CMM.