From Brazil to… Indonesia

Blind Man of Jericho
The first Lectio Divina material for our 2016 program is about the Blind Man of Jericho (Mark 10, 46-52). The meditation was made by the ambassadors from Brazil, and it was sent to ambassadors groups worldwide. For example to… Indonesia. How cool is that!

As creative assignment in this meditation, one participant is asked to play the blind man (blindfolded), led by another one. For example: the guide gives the blindfolded an object and asks him/her to try to find out what it is.  After this activity, the participants share the feelings that each has had (both the guide and the blindfolded).

To believe in what cannot be seen
The purpose of this activity is to awaken the experience ‘to believe in what cannot be seen’ or in what is completely unknown. It can also raise one’s awareness as to how difficult it is to deal with physical limitations.

Ambassadors WWB Indonesia
On 23-24 January, our Indonesian ambassadors came together to work with this first meditation material. They made a short video  of these days, and among other, it shows how they performed the above ‘creative assignment’. Enjoy!