International meetings

From 2008 on, we have organized 3 international meetings, and a 4th one is coming up! These international meetings of WWB are combined with participation in the World Youth Days, which take place every three years in a different city.

In 2008, the first group of ambassadors came together in Tomohon, Indonesia. From there they travelled to Sydney, Australia. wwb group 4

In 2011, a group of new ambassadors held their joined meeting in Tilburg, the Netherlands, and then participated in the WYD Madrid, Spain. wwb group 5

In 2013, again new ambassadors joined our movement of WWB, and they were welcomed by the ambassadors from Brazil for an international meeting in Belo Horizonte. From there they went to the WYD in Rio de Janeiro. wwb group 1


In 2016, there was an international meeting in Tilburg, and from there the new group of ambassadors went to the WYD in Krakow.