Belo Horizonte – Rio de Janeiro 2013


In 2013, from July 15 to August 3, the third international meeting of a group ‘Ambassadors of a Worldwide Brotherhood’ (WWB) was held. After the pilgrimages to Tomohon/Sydney in 2008 and Tilburg/Madrid in 2011, Brazil was ‘the place to be’ in 2013! Some 100 new ambassadors from 7 countries (Brazil, Timor Leste, Indonesia, Kenya, Namibia, the Netherlands, and Tanzania) participated in this pilgrimage, which was again organized by the congregation of Brothers of Our Lady, Mother of Mercy (Brothers CMM).

For the international project in 2013 we have again offered a program in which young people have the opportunity to connect with the world Church, and to deepen their faith. The program contained: 1) A preparatory program in the countries themselves, 2) a particular biblical grounded spirituality in a multiday jointly program, this time in and around the Colégio Padre Eustáquio in Belo Horizonte, 3) participation in the program of World Youth Days in Rio, and 4) an evaluation program after the WYD. This final program took place in the Retiro Vicente de Paulo, a retreat centre of the Brothers CMM in Igarapé, Brazil.

Brazilian media was particularly interested in the WWB. The national Catholic channel Canção Nova (see first video below), and the open national channel Band showed a report on the activities in the Colégio Padre Eustáquio. Also, the WWB project has been featured in a report of the regional channel Globo Minais. In the Netherlands, Broadcasting RKK made a report on the initiative of the WWB pilgrimage to Brazil (see second video).