Jesus, our compass, our way to compassion

Our motto

The motto of the Ambassadors remained the same as in former years: ‘Jesus: our compass, our way to compassion’. This motto was further elaborated on in relationship to the theme of the World Youth Days: ‘Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy’.

Our spirituality

This theme seamlessly connects to the spirituality of our Congregation. With Mary and St Vincent de Paul as our Patron Saints, mercy and brotherhood are key elements in our spirituality.  The call of Pope Francis to young people to be ambassadors of mercy, appeals to us very much. In essence, the movement of the ‘Ambassadors of a Worldwide Brotherhood’ is about just thát.

Our aim

Although the focus of the meetings lies in a faithful reflection from a Biblical perspective, this in combination with an international cultural exchange, is ultimately about engaging young people to work for a more just world with mercy as the central value of the Gospel.With the journey to the Netherlands and Poland, we want to continue and deepen the international movement of the WWB. We know from experience that the perspective of such a journey is also a motivating force at the local (national) level.