Tilburg – Madrid 2011

namibia 2

The theme of the international program of the Ambassadors of a Worldwide Brotherhood in Tilburg was: Jesus: our compass, our way to compassion. After the regional preparation programs, the ambassadors were ready for their adventure with the international group. Ambassadors from the Netherlands, Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania, Brazil, East-Timor and Indonesia came together in Tilburg. From 5 to 13 August 2011, the week before the World Youth Days, they had an inspiring program with prayers, singing, sharing, presentations, meals and masses.

tilburg 01The ambassadors reflected on the things in the world and in their own environment that might need some change.  Each day, the focus was on a particular biblical theme. In addition, we made plans for concrete actions in future. Of course, the program also offered free time and excursions: the ambassadors went to Vught, where they experienced a ‘day in silence’, and also the old Dutch city of Delft was visited. We stayed with host families in Tilburg, enjoying a warm hospitality.

This week was closed with a spectactular cultural evening, and the next morning we continued our way… up to Madrid…!

WYD Madrid 2011

The theme of the World Youth Days in Madrid was: Rooted and built up in Jesus Christ, firm in the faith (Col. 2:7). In Madrid, we were hosted by the Parroquia Virgen del Alba in Alcorcon, a suburb of Madrid. The welcome and hospitality were heartwarming! In this parish, we had our own celebrations with ‘our’ Father Bono, who inspired us every single day. Highlights were the opening celebration of the Pope, at Place de Cibeles, the Way of the Cross around the same square, and of course the night vigil with Pope  Benedict XVI on the immense Quatro Vientos!

Want to know more about this meeting in Tilburg and the WYD Madrid? Take a look at the Final-report-WWB-2011 . Pictures included!