Tomohon – Sydney 2008


In the city of Tomohon, in the north of the island of Sulawesi, the noviciate from the brothers CMM is established. Here, we held our first international meeting of WWB. We have worked on five universal subjects:

  • Help where nobody help
  • See what nobody sees
  • Say what nobody says
  • Give what no one can give.
  • Belief in what no one believes any longer

We have delved deeper into these subjects in several ways: by talking to the ambassadors from the other continents, via creative work methods, by telling Bible stories, via meditation, by making music or to climb together a volcano in silence.

With that the Bible was an important source of inspiration and a reliable compass. The Brothers do not consider the Bible as a code of conduct with all kinds of small regulations, but as a book full of experiences of faith from the past. By keeping yourself busy intensely with those stories, these experiences of faith will come to life.

WYD Sydney 2008

The official theme of the World Youth Days in Sydney was: “You will receive the power of the Holy Spirit and be My witness”. This text has been taken from the book of Acts (Ch.1,verse 8). To get an impression of the whole journey, watch the video on top of this page!