individual visits abroad

namibiaIn the international meetings, ambassadors from different countries meet and become friends for life. After these international events, some ambassadors have visited their brothers and sisters abroad: to experience the country and the culture, or to work as a volunteer in projects of the Brothers CMM or WWB projects.

  • In August 2015, Lawrence Ndonga, ambassador in Kenya, visited his fellow-ambassadors in Namibia. Meeting people from several other missions, they introduced themselves as “Ambassadors of Worldwide Brotherhood founded by Brothers CMM”. Later on, he realized “how impactful that line was because the conversations that followed touched on what we, the young people, do under the tutelage of the Brothers CMM, and these missions even considered adopting the same approach in their mission work.” Read the report here.
  • The Dutch Kimberley Holleman travelled to Kenya in 2012. She made a video about the work of the Kenyan ambassadors:

  • Gretty OIPIn 2014, Gretty Fokker from the Netherlands went to work as a volunteer for OIP, a project of the Brothers CMM in Oyugis, Kenya. The project aims to prevent HIV/AIDS infection and to provide care and support to people who are suffering from the effects of it. Gretty is training to become a general practitioner. She worked at the healthcare center of OIP, and she wrote an article about her experiences: Article Gretty OIP



  • After the WYD 2013 in Brazil, two Dutch ambassadors (Jacqueline van der Lee and Ellen Severijns), were invited by a Namibian ambassador (Hortensia Uupindi) to visit the ‘land of the brave’. Together, Jacqueline, Ellen and Hortensia wrote a report about their experiences, including some nice pictures: visit to Namibia