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In preparation for 27 September 2015, the Feast of Saint Vincent de Paul, the Regional Community of the Brothers CMM in Timor-Leste organized a futsal tournament for children. Our Ambassadors WWB in Timor-Leste also assisted in this event. The event takes place during the period from 5 to 26 September 2015 in Bee Mutin, a sub-hamlet of the Kakeularan hamlet in Becora Village. It is an informal way to get the children acquainted with Saint Vincent. Before the opening ceremony, the Ambassadors WWB and the children assisted each other by putting all the equipment on both sides of the football field, such as putting up the event’s banner with a picture of St Vincent.

The head of the sub-hamlet, Mr. Julio Brites stated: “We are all from the same village and sub-hamlet. Besides the commemoration of Saint Vincent, the futsal game is a great opportunity for the children to get to know each other and to build positive relationships. Thus, do not be rude and do not fight with each other during the game.”


Brother Silvino Belo, Regional Superior of the Brothers CMM in Timor-Leste started his opening speech by asking the children: “Are you ready to play?” The children replied with a loud “YES! We are ready!”

Brother Belo explained that the purpose of the event is to commemorate the Feast of Saint Vincent 10de Paul, the patron saint of the Congregation of the Brothers CMM, which will be celebrated on the 27th of September. Saint Vincent is also known as ‘Father of the Poor’ because he helped many needy people. He dedicated his life to improving the life of the poor, especially that of the children. Two of the Vincentian virtues are ‘meekness’ and ‘zeal’. These two virtues are also needed in playing a fair game. “Also in this tournament”, Brother Belo explained, “you have to play with love, hence you can explore what your talents are and improve them. But you should also remember ‘Who’ it is that gave you those talents.” He reminded the children to play a fair game, and avoid using dirty words among each other. If they were to say dirty words, they should correct themselves by saying: ‘Ave Maria’ or ‘Hail Mary’.

Ms. Santina da Cruz (Ambassador WWB Timor-Leste)7a