About us


We are ambassadors of a Worldwide Brotherhood, in short: Ambassadors WWB. We live in Indonesia, Timor Leste, Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania, Brazil, and the Netherlands… We are young people who, out of our own culture, are committed to a worldwide movement of compassion and brotherhood. Compassion and brotherhood constitute the keywords in the spirituality of the Brothers CMM, the congregation that has founded this youth movement of WWB in 2008. In their basic program, the starting point is ‘Jesus, the Compassionate, our Brother’.

Local meetings

kenya visit1aThere are groups of ambassadors WWB in the above mentioned countries. Each group comes together on a regular base. During these local meetings there can be workshops to deepen our spirituality, or we do volunteer work, or we attend a prayer service, and sometimes ambassadors WWB organize really big projects to help the poor.

International meetings and World Youth Days

The intention of the Worldwide Brotherhood is to bring together young people in an international context. The World Youth Days, which take place every three years in a different city,  turn out to be an excellent opportunity to bring young people in contact with the World Church and with the Gospels. Since 2008, several groups of the WWB came together for an international meeting, and then joined the World Youth Days together. For the ambassadors of the Worldwide Brotherhood, these World Youth Days are not the ultimatum, but a stepping stone to achieve and expand our worldwide movement. The continuation after the World Youth Days is just as important!