One of the fun exchange assignments for the country groups is to share (recipes for) local dishes with the other groups. This is the contribution of the Dutch group, a recipe for ‘Snert’ (Dutch pea soup):

1. Water (2 l)
2. Split peas (1 kg)
3. Carrot (2 big ones)
4. Onions (2)
5. Leeks (2)
6. Celeriac (1)
7. Celery (a bunch)
8. Lardons (250 g)
9. Smoked Sausage (1)
10. Pork chop (500 g)
11. Salt and Pepper
12. Bay leaves (a couple)

Soak the peas in water overnight. Next morning, rinse them and put them in a pan of clean water.
Add the pork chop and bring to a boil. While regularly taking off the scum, simmer for at least 60 minutes, keep on the fire until the peas are cooked.
By now, you should have chopped your vegetables.
Take out the meat and cut into small pieces. Put the chopped meat back and add all the other ingredients except for the smoked sausage. Cook for another 20 minutes and keep stirring to prevent it from overheating.
Heat the sausage in a pan of water, don’t cook! Cut it up and add it to the Snert.

Serving Tip: Serve with Rye bread, butter and bacon.

Eet smakelijk!!