WWB in Tilburg and Krakow 2016, looking back

With a grateful feeling we look back on the fourth international meeting of the Ambassadors of a Worldwide Brotherhood, the youth movement around the Brothers CMM. About 70 young people from different countries came together in Tilburg to work on spiritual formation. They became one family, and as brothers and sisters they went on pilgrimage to the World Youth Days in Krakow, Poland.

Now, these young people will continue their journey: in their own environment and in everyday life, as ambassadors of mercy and brotherhood. This was the ultimate goal of this journey; the continuation and propagation of mercy and brotherhood in the country and the lives of the young people themselves. We now see this being realized in the messages that we are currently receiving: messages from young people who feel empowered in their faith, and who are not afraid to wear it.

We are grateful for all the people in the Netherlands, in Poland, and elsewhere, who made this journey possible: by donating money, by offering shelter, by giving a helping hand in the many work, or simply by showing interest. We are also grateful to all those other young people that we could meet. During this pilgrimage, together we experienced a fresh and vital church, which has encouraged us. Together we hope to continue this journey, as
brothers and sisters on our way to a merciful and righteous world…